Rev. Siegfried Glaw started a Chinese Lending Library and a mission organization, FMCD, 30 years ago to serve the needs of Chinese college students in Germany.  Over the years, FMCD has helped establish many Chinese Bible study groups.  In a visit to Arlington Chinese Church (ACC) in 1997, Rev. Glaw found out that Elder Kai-Shing Yeung of ACC was a Ph. D. student in Karlsruhe, Germany many years ago, and he invited Elder Yeung to consider short-term mission in Germany.  This started a long-term relationship between Arlington Chinese Church, and the Chinese fellowship in Karlsruhe.

Arlington Chinese Church has sent short and mid-term mission teams to Karlsruhe throughout the years.  Later, both Yan Fook Church in Hong Kong and New Life Gospel Church in Lewisville joined the missionary efforts in Karlsruhe.  In 2008, Elder Yeung took a 15-month sabbatical from the university he has been teaching. He and his wife went to Karlsruhe to serve the Chinese students and families there.  They have been able to build the Fellowship from around 20 people to about 60 people during the stay.

From the interactions with FMCD and other Christian organizations in Germany, we know many universities in Germany have thousands of Chinese scholars studying there, but there are few pastors or matured Christians there to help them.  As a result, the student Christian populations are usually very small compared to the number of students on the campuses.

Through various discussions among leaders of these three churches in the last couple years, the vision of establishing a non-profit organization to satisfy the needs in Europe has formed.  The initial plan is to set up two non-profit organizations in the United States and Hong Kong, we will coordinate mission tours, send missionaries, and network with other churches in North America and Hong Kong.

Due to large financial and human resource requirements for such an endeavor, it is difficult for a single church to establish and maintain a long-term mission field in Europe.  To alleviate this problem, we want to invite like-minded churches to participate, each provides financial and human resources and involve in the planning and execution of its activities.

With the involvement of more churches, we will have the resources to plant churches and Bible study fellowships in multiple cities/universities.  We will be able to use the experience we gain from one location (such as Karlsruhe, Germany where we have a few years of experience) and duplicate the model in other cities.

History and Future Mission Plan in Europe (Powerpoint)

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