The purpose of this organization is to establish mission fields in European cities where many mainland Chinese scholars are pursuing higher education.   We want to leverage the availability of matured retirement age Christians in both the U.S. and Hong Kong, as well as the large pool of seminary trained students in North America to participate in mid and long term missions in Germany and other cities in Europe.

The organization will involve in the following activities:

1)      Lead mainland Chinese scholars to Christ

2)      Train the new believers so that they will become strong Christians

3)      Help these Christians to establish churches in Europe

4)      Encourage some of these scholars to attend seminaries so that they will become fishers of men in either Europe or China

5)      Provide opportunities for retirement age matured Christians to participate in short or mid-term missions in Europe

6)      Provide opportunities for Chinese seminarians to participate in short or mid-term missions targeted European cities to:

a)      Assist in Christian scholars training

b)      Provide the seminarians with first-hand experience of Europe with the hope that some of them will eventually choose to join the mission field in Europe for the long-term

Why is it important to establish strong Chinese mission fields in Europe?

Many mainland Chinese scholars attend universities in Europe.  When they return to China, many of them will hold influential positions in the government, corporations, as well as their communities. Their decisions will impact the future of church development and the spreading of gospel in China.

This makes it strategically important for Chinese Christian organizations to get involved in the evangelization of this group of people while they are pursuing their studies, expose them to Christianity and make them strong believers of Christ.

Many Chinese churches are involved in short-term missions to Europe, but few focus their activities in the long-term biblical training of these Chinese Christian scholars.

We have been involved in a mission field in Karlsruhe, Germany for quite a few years.  Our experience has showed that just involved in short-term mission is not the most effective way to evangelize and make strong believers of Christ.  There are things that cannot be accomplished by short-term missions, such as:

1)      Follow up on new believers

2)      In-depth training of believers

3)      Christian Counseling

4)      Church Planting

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